Bio / Resume

Toni Clair is a professional actress and director who brings experience, technique, and energy to her work throughout backstage – theatre, short films, web-series, web-commercials…

Toni Clair is a dedicated leader specializing in complex project delivery, budget management and talent relations. Toni has over a decade of Event Logistics and themed entertainment expertise and deploys those skill sets in her existing work environment at the Disney Parks and Resorts when she is not in the theatre preparing or giving a performance.

Marshall W. Mason & Toni Clair
Marshall W. Mason & Toni Clair

Among Toni’s talents, she has a passion for Theatre and Film acting in over thirty productions in the last five years and experience in scenic design and theatrical production. Significant experience in Theatre, Toni has been cast as a lead in many productions, including “the Girl” in Lanford Wilson’s The Hot L Baltimore where she was highly acclaimed by the original Off-Broadway director, Marshall W. Mason.

Toni volunteered as a Teacher at Weathervane Community Playhouse in Akron, Ohio educating children from the inner city public school system to improve their social and psychological functioning; address problems with misbehavior, focus, and self-esteem; follow a provided curriculum with flexibility and prepared each lesson in introducing the students to theatre.  Toni is an Ohio native receiving Dual Bachelor’s Degrees in Theater and French from The University of Akron, Ohio.

Toni Clair Resume 2016